Louise Helen Reynolds

Born in 1998, Hamilton, Scotland.

Lives & works in Glasgow.


Working primarily with oil paint, her work is focused on the human figure and portraiture, and it's allegorical potential in commenting on socio-political issues.  


Much of her recent work deals with the genre of History painting where none of the painters who made the most famous historical scenes visible to the masses were actually there to witness any of the events that are depicted, yet these are the images that are still printed as the 'truth'. She takes this idea and applies it to current news stories as a comment on the oversaturation of images and bombardment of news items we see in the internet age - a kind of fine art appropriation of the idea of fake news. Also by ruminating over news stories which nowadays flash past in a days time and oil painting them through a narrative only interpretation by not using any real people or images from the events it boils them down to their essence where a first time viewer would probably have no idea what inspired them, but hopefully have an idea that it alludes to human stories which recur and will always recur. 




2016 - current, Painting & Printmaking, The Glasgow School of Art



2015 - Gold Award, Glasgow Museums Annual Art Competition

2013/14- Highly Commended, Friends of the Royal Scottish Academy Art Award

2017,16,15 - Glasgow Art Club Small Works Exhibition

2018 - student exchange to the Pratt Institute in NYC 

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