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Louise Helen Reynolds

Born in 1998, Hamilton, Scotland.

Lives & works in Glasgow.


Habitually reading the news informs the large scale oil paintings she composes, by recontextualising prevailing and fad narratives into dystopic visions of the present and future. By riffing directly from current events whilst refusing photographic reference from the issues themselves, she rejects an ease of understanding which aligns with the confusion we experience in digesting the news in the internet age. In this she aims for her paintings to skim the surface of the recognisable, where the titles provide clues to their inspiration, but without full disclosure.  Conceptually her work relates directly to the masculinist tropes of history painting since, like her, the painters who constructed the grand narrative works which are presented as fact were never physically present for the events they were paid by a biased commissioner to illustrate. In this she sees my own work as a revised and self-aware edition of history painting, poignantly in the era of fake news, but without an actual commissioner this is substituted with the news items which proliferate her online existence.